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STING Orion Competition Premium Gloves Review

by Mike Power July 05, 2017

STING Orion Competition Premium Gloves Review

 Metrics Used:

PRICE-QUALITY RATIO — Did you get what you paid for?
1 = not worth it | 2 = extremely overpriced | 3 = overpriced | 4 = reasonably priced | 5 = worth it

1 = no protection| 2 = decent | 3 = good but not great| 4 = great | 5 = amazing

COMFORT AND SUPPORT –Do they hold their form, feel good, and provide good wrist support?
1  = don’t use these | 2 = too tight| 3 = snug fit but too stiff| 4= tight and comfortable fit | 5 = super soft like pillows

Price-Quality Ratio: 4.5

Overall Hand Protection: 5

Comfort and Support: 4

Overall: Definitely worth it!

STING Orion Competition Premium Gloves are the hot new ticket on the market. I was fortunate enough to test out the 16 ounce gloves as my new sparring gloves. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis and feeling the effects of it in my hands, I was eager to give a new glove a try to see if it would help with the swelling in my knuckles.

My first time putting the gloves to use was in a sparring session against undefeated Professional Boxer Marie-Eve Dicaire – a partner I knew I had to be 100% against. I wasn’t sure how the gloves would feel, so I made sure to have my old ones nearby just in case I needed to switch between rounds. After 5 hard rounds, I never took the gloves off and didn’t feel the need to undergo a “break-in” period with them.

Being a female, I have smaller hands than a heavy-weight male, and have always found that most gloves have far too much space in them as they are built for a much larger person. The STING Orion Gloves fit my hands well, but not so tight that it wouldn’t fit a larger hand, and the wrist strap provides an adequate amount of support without impeding on wrist flexion; bar none the best support I’ve had from a Velcro style glove.

The Orion Glove also has a very small profile, mimicking that of a competition glove, and providing a realistic feel during sparring.

In my two months of using them, I haven’t experienced any issues with the durability of the gloves, and have found they provide superior protection when compared to other gloves on the market. The largest talking point has to be the quality of protection - which I have particularly noticed from the lack of knuckle pain after multiple hard rounds.

Overall, the STING Orion Competition Premium Gloves are highly recommended in the 14 or 16 ounce style for sparring from a users point of view, and after having asked multiple sparring partners how they feel, the protection aspect works on both sides.

In addition to 14 and 16 ounce gloves for sparring, the STING Orion Competition Premium Gloves also come in 10oz and 12oz, making them perfect for banging away on the heavy bag!

Built with a premium leather outer layer and competition grade Hi Flow Core giving even weight distribution and impact minimisation, the STING Orion Gloves have the latest technology and can be put to use either in the ring sparring or on the heavy bag. The STING Orion Competition Premium Gloves are definitely worth the money and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better glove for a similar price anywhere on the market.

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STING Orion Premium Competition Gloves

About The Author

Kaitlyn Clark is a 24 year old, amateur boxer, federal government employee with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, avid juggler, and professional wrestling geek. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and a Minor in French Linguistics from Carleton University; but her real passion is analyzing and writing about Olympic style boxing. You can check her and her cats out on Instagram and Twitter.

Mike Power
Mike Power

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